Friday, August 1, 2008

Summer 2008: What's next for SYGU

A lot of people have been getting @ us about "Whats next, whats next!??!!". Well everyone just needs to fall back and relax - OK?!. Rest assured SYGU is working hard to bring you our next latest and greatest event. These things take time folks. Careful planning and proper execution is all that is setting us apart from the fray - so we are going to keep at. If it ain't broke.....

Its been a busy summer to say the least. We have been blessed to have great success with our summer line-up of events (Thank you!!!!). 

Click Image To View Event

Click Image To View Event

Being on the scene we make sure to get a lot of feedback from you all about what's going on/ what you like/ what you hate. Lately, the word on the street is that the nightlife this summer overall hasn't been that impressive. There have been weekends with nothing to do (for those that steer clear of the "usual" spots) - and on some of the weekends when there is something to do - there has been poor turnouts. 

So we ask you.. What do you think the problem is? Do you not like the events that are being put on? Is the economy crisis and gas prices just to much to bear going out at all? Are you just tired? What's the word people?